Property Commerce, established in 1976, has built a strong, continually evolving management, brokerage, and leasing organization which compliments its development and investment activities. The present management portfolio includes multi-family, office, and retail projects. 

Property Commerce brings innovative leadership to traditional ownership values, available in a full compliment of professional real estate services for multi-family, office and retail developments.  Property Commerce represents real estate projects with a reputation of experience, market knowledge and timely response, supported by a state-of-the-art reporting system. 

Property Commerce has leased more than 7 million square feet of retail space to such nationally recognized tenants as Albertson's Supermarkets, Home Depot, and Target Stores.  In addition, Property Commerce has developed in excess of 6.8 million square feet of retail space and over 3,600 multi-family units.  Value enhancement, cost control, and lease-up are goals established and achieved by Property Commerce as a result of its active ownership position in real estate projects. 

As an owner, Property Commerce has been instrumental in transactions involving multi-family, office, and retail projects, both as a buyer and a seller. 

In the role of developer, Property Commerce possesses proven entrepeneurial skills and understands the risk and return equation.  Knowing the importance of creative ideas, the company has spearheaded many innovations that have saved time and money and avoided many potential problems.

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